Top Handbags in 2013

Quilted Handbag

Women always bring their handbags when they attending special event such as wedding ceremony. Handbags become an important part in women’s appearance because it can show their social status. If you are handbag lovers and you need to look as up to date as you can, you can take a look at top handbags trend in 2013 below.

  1. Quilted Handbag

Quilted handbag becomes popular in 2013 because of its elegant look. Many designer are competing in creating this kind of handbag. You can comfortably bring quilted handbag in special event because it almost fit with any events with its simple yet elegant design.

  1. Baroque Inspired Handbag

Another trend which coming up in 2013 is Baroque inspired handbag. This kind of handbag is suitable for feminine women because of its vintage and classic look. You can mix and match this bag with your casual dress without any hesitation.

  1.  Clutch Handbag

This hand bag has small shape which you can hold with your hand. Basically this kind of handbag comes in dark color because the designer wants to emphasize on its simple yet glamour look.  You can bring this clutch handbag anywhere because it is fit well with all goodies such as your smartphone, documents, and also your make up items.

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