The high heels effects to your feet

high heels effects

Many experts say that high heels cannot be separated from women’s fashion world.  They say that wearing high heel can bring the elegance looks to every woman who wears it since it can emphasize sexy aura of a woman. However, high heels can bring harms to your health if you wear it every day. Since women have four times as many foot problems as men, you should be careful when you wear your favorite high heels.

high heels effects

High heels can cause several physical problems especially to your feet. It includes foot pain and foot deformities.  Feet are designed to keep you stay balance and strength as you walk so that keep it healthy is a must. If you regularly wear high heels it is not possible that your high heels can change the shape of your feet and of course it will prevent it from functioning properly.

Another threat that is brought by high heels to your feet is metatarsalgia. It is a pain that occur in the ball of the foot. In other words, the joints of your feet do not work properly because you regularly wear high heels and it forces your body to keep balance and suffer the pain more. In conclusion, wearing high heel for every day life is not recommended because it can bring harm to your feet.

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