How to mix and match a dress

mix and match a dress

If you are a type of women who always want to look outstanding among your friends and want to look the best in your appearance, you should definitely have something unique from your fashion style. To make you look outstanding among your friends, you can mix and match your dress so that it will gives you a girly and unique look which can attract everyone’s attention.

mix and match a dress

You should pay attention to the colors when you want to mix and match your dress. Colors is playing important role for your appearance. Sometimes color can give you a horrible thing if you do not understand how to mix and match it. If you have a big body, you can wear dress which has black as its basic color so that it will make you look slimmer. You can add bright color vest like yellow or pink to cover your hand and if it is possible you can add some accessories like long necklace and small earrings to beautify your appearance.

If you want to look more girly, you can choose floral dress which will show your charm. Before choose it you should notice about the color and motives. If you have pale skin, you should choose floral dress which has bright color motives like blue or green and do not choose large floral motives because it can make your body look bigger instead of slimmer.

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