Gorgeous hairstyle for oval face

hairstyle for oval face

Hairstyle is one of the most important parts to complete your appearance. Choose a hairstyle which suitable for your face shape is also very important since it can add fresher look to your face. Oval face shape for example, this kind of face shape is almost suitable to any hairstyles. So, if you have an oval face shape you should congratulate your self because you can change your hairstyle according to what you want.

hairstyle for oval face

For a fresher look, you can try to cut your hair into shorter one. Boyish or pixie will be the best. Do not forget to give a little bit light bangs to give a dramatic look to your eyes. However, if you don’t like to have bangs, you can cut your back hair into a little spiky so that it can accentuate your gorgeous face shape. Short hair maybe is not your preference; you can try to cut your hair into medium one. You can ask your hair professional to cut your hair to shoulder-length hair. If it possible you can give it layer bangs so that it can keep your oval look and avoid it from look square.

For girlish look, long hair is the best choice. The most important thing for long hair is its volume. If you have slight hair, to keep it look thick you can curl your hair using curling iron or you can prefer to give layered on your slight hair.

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