Gold or silver jewelry, which one do you think best?

Gold or silver jewelry

Sometimes when you go to jewelry shop you will face by many kinds of jewelry. Start from gold to silver, it may be so frustrating for you since you have to choose which one would be the best and fits for you. Actually, there are some ways to determine which jewelry is best for you according to some elements like your skin tone.

Gold or silver jewelry

You should determine your skin tone first before you decide which jewelry that best for you. Look at your wrist and see the veins then determine which category is your tone is it cool or warm. It can be said as cool tone if you have bluish colored veins it means that you have dark skin. If you categorized as warm tone, usually you have greenish colored veins and you have bright color skin.

For cool skin tone, you better choose jewelry which has more blink. So that the best jewelry for this kind of skin tone is silver and other metal which has white as the base color. In contras, for warm skin tone, they should choose jewelry which can give darker look to their skin. So that the best jewelry for them is gold, brass, copper, etc. so which skin tone are you belong?

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