An Idea for Short Haircut

Short Haircut

Are you interested in styling your hair to be a super short but elegant haircut? Charlize Theron’s must be one of the best references you can opt for such short hairstyle. Let’s get closer to what her hair stylist, Enzo Angileri, did to the short but feminine haircut.

Angileri said that the buzzed style might look like a boy’s haircut. However, the short style looked so gorgeous to Charlize especially with her proportional body. Called as ‘freedom’, the crop of the hairstyle remained feminine with its closely shorn all around the head. Slight volume on the top made the cut look perfect to the actress. Angilery added that Charlize’s bright and dimensional hair color made it more interesting.

Well, if you think that you have similar body shape and face type just like Charlize Theron appearance, the haircut must be the one of the best answers for you to face the next summer. For another reference, the short haircut of the Oscar winner, Anne Hathaway, could be another option you can choose if yours belongs to black colored hair. Keep looking for the newest ideas related to the short hairstyle and keep discussing for the best result with your stylist.

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