3 Most famous fashion designer

famous fashion designer

There is quotation saying that fashion is the art and designers are the gods. Fashion of course cannot be separated from the designer. Designer creates and design clothes with their high imagination so that they can produce high fashion clothes which has high value in arts. Actually there are many good designers around the world but unfortunately not every designer is popular. Here are 3 most famous fashion designers that have been recognized by people around the world.

famous fashion designer

The first one is Calvin Richard; he is a brilliant fashion designer from America. In 1968, he launched his own company named Calvin Klein Inc which concerned in clothing, perfumes, watches, and jewelry. He opened a store of women’s coat in New York City and soon he expanded his business which can rule the fashion industry in all over world. Another famous designer which produces many great designs is Donatella Versace. She is an Italian designer which currently serving as Vice president of the Versace Group and she also serving as a chief designer. She is the first fashion designer who use A-list celebrities like Madonna, Christina Aguilera, Demi Moore, etc to promote her design.

After Donatella Versace, Italia has Giorgio Armani as their best fashion designer. He is famous for his menswear designs. Armani built his company in 1975 and claimed that it was the most successful company designer in Italy. Armani is said to be the most legend fashion designer because he can create clean and tailored design for menswear.

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