2013 summer fashion trends

summer fashion trends

Look fashionable in every occasion is a must for you who want to be a trend setter. Recently, the northern hemisphere reveals their forecast about 2013 summer fashion trends. It seems that there are no significant differences from the 2012 summer fashion trends. 2013 summer fashion trends still chooses bright and saturated color and tends to left behind the pastel colors which will give flashy shades in fashion style.

summer fashion trends

For office fashion, it is predicted that belted floral dresses will dominate 2013 summer fashion trend. Not only dresses which will mostly dominated by floral pattern, but also longer hem and blouses which will be perfectly with long straight pants.  For casual look, fabric T-shirt with slash neck cuts would be preferred. For the accessories, another fashion forecasting service Trendsop reveals that 2013 summer fashion will dominated with trendy and modern look. Since technology comes and involved in fashion change, slim line gadget like iPad and slim tablet will be carried out to give sophisticated style.

For footwear, cowboy boots style will adorn women’s shoes with some metallic leather touch and bright color plastic. For the basic material, the designer would prefer reptile skin to give an exotic aura for the shoes.

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